Our main character...Webhead, a funny looking guy personifying the web user in a jocularly fashion. Webhead is the proprietor of Webhead's Web. A Webmaster, he also does a redio show...operates a computer repair center and when he find some time to kill he goes off on adventures with his pals.


A cynically charged computer invested with a human nature and form. Puter is Webhead's computer and buddy. Webhead and his sidekick Puter are almost always exploring the World Wide Web together.

Dee Dee

Dee Dee is the office manager of Webhead's Web. She has an eye for her boss and tries to show her interest as often as she can. Not as web savvy as her boss and coworkers, Dee Dee will cry for web help when she gets in over her head.


Webman...a man with intestinal fortitude, with a heart of oak and the ability to look danger in the face... is the man in charge of security in the little town of Webville. He has also been called the Superhero of Cyberspace at Webhead's Web! Whenever there is trouble...Webman is always there in his supereminence!


Webbrat is a kid of the streets. Separated from his parents, Webhead keeps an eye on Webbrat as he works as an apprentice webmaster, often showing Webhead new tricks of his own. Webbrat gets th job done at the office so the boys can get out and play as often as they can!

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