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Project Cool- So, you want to make a webpage? Check this place out for there way to create and to customize! Kool Dictionary - One Look will search through more than 400 Dictionaries and Glossaries, including onez specialized for business, sports, medicine, technology, religion and science!
WebQuick- Navigate the Web Faster and Easier with Web Quick™! Puzzles and Fun - Make your own puzzles and funstuff
TechWeb- A great place to get Net info for Webheads and others. Earth to Kids!- kid's art contest, kids poems and school recycle programs for kids.
Backweb- More webhead info and netcrazed mania here! Blue Mountain Art- make your own greeting card online and then send them to your friends!
Sportsline- Want the latest game score from your favorite team? Visit this site. Sports Illustrated for Kidz- Lots of Kool things here, with news tailored for Kidz!...
Adobe - We use Photoshop and Illustrator to enhance our toonz and color them. Webmania Greetings - Get more of your Virtual Greetings tasks handled here!
Ulead Software- Want to squish your gifs and jpegs to the extreme?  Use this Utility! Awesome Cyber Cards- So you want to send an Awesome Virtual Greeting Eh? Well here is a Kool Site to check out!
CorelDRAW!- We use this program with Photoshop for great effects.  Camp Depot-Find a great camp for your kids to join during vacation!
b_88x31_bev.gif (1310 bytes)- Get all the latest and greatest software you could ever find on the net here! Plus try out all kinds of NEW games!

Legal Pad Junior- Play gaPuterz Pointerzmes, chat with other kids, learn about the law and law cases with children in them! Check out all kinds of software to download, including games, graphics, utilities and drivers! Surf Monkey-Play Games, be an artist, write your own webpage review, shop, chat and send email! And find more cool sites for kids!
  Kidspace- At you could play games, join clubs make friends, send emails and more!
  Smarter Kids-Find the best deals on the best toys and games! Buy them here!
  Students on the Net!-Wow! check out all the great things to do here! For all you smart Webbrats out there!
Some of our favorite Comic Websites...
United Media Cartoons- All of your Favorite Toonz!in one place! Marie Woolf's Toonz! -A great artist with all kinds of toonz!
Webcomics- Great place to see other web toonz! logo2.gif (1840 bytes)Stu's Comics- lots o comics to check out. So GO!
Vlads place - One of our favorite cartoonists! and check out his own personalized e-cards! MelonPoolGreat little characters with a lot of spunk!
Stan one of the greatest comic artists of all time! All what's new from Stan Lee. Toon InnFind out where all your favorite cartoons are on the net!

Some Additional Fun Places to Learn and enjoy from... 

What the heck is an I Ching you ask?

Well Learn about I Ching at: 

Song Lyrics - search for your favorite song lyrics here!

The I Ching on the Net


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