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   Hi I'm Larry on the left, and that guy playing the Blues on the right is Rich, my Buddy and Partner. Together we created Webhead's Web. Rich and I create the ideas, then Rich writes and I illustrate them. 

   We only have our day job because we gotta pay for this website and eat! After we eat...  we like to get these guyz on the web. We are hoping we will be chosen to be in one of the many local paperz around this wacky world... then maybe we can dine at a fancier eatery... someplace that don't have the wordz " Happy Meal " on the menu! So if ya like what ya see... Check out whatz happenin' every weekday in Daily toonz. This is all just a hobby... but we are workin' on that! We'd love to make it our next career! Thanks for coming over to visit us... We hope to see you soon!

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